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Restaurant Mastermind

Head of Product
2013 — 2015
There are many things that are important to catalog design. Your images must be sharp and appealing. Your text and even the font you use for the text is important. The cover page design and the design of your catalog’s product pages all play important roles in designing a catalog that will bring in new customers and sales. However none of the things mentioned above are more important than the type of paper you will choose to print your catalog on. The “feel” of your catalog is important to your potential customers. The longer they have your catalog in their hands, the more product they will buy. In this article I will go over some of the many paper choices you have to print your catalog on. First you need to decide if the cover will be the same paper as the rest of your catalog. In most cases the cover will be of heavier weight then the interior pages

Advanced Booking Flows

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